What Should You Do With Your Old Garage Door?

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When the time comes to replace your old garage door with a newer, spankier model, you may perhaps wonder what is going to happen to your old one. Garage doors are generally large, and they last a long time. They may not be useful for garage anymore but they can be definitely used for a lot of purpose.

Many companies will take away your garage door for you and break it down and recycle the parts for you. Moreover if you wish, you can recycle it a number of ways. First of all, you can donate the door, if it's still in good serviceable condition, to a organization like Habitat for Humanity, which will reuse it on someone else's house, or resell it. These are plenty of such programs and with some hard work, you can find one in your niche. Further the old garage door can be used for a storage shed or for your workshop. If your old opener still works, consider transferring the whole thing, so that you will now have the convenience of an automatic door on your shed.

In case you are the creative type, you can use it to build something. There are websites offering all kinds of ideas on creative ways to reuse all or parts of an old garage door. further you can use it as a shed or for the walls of a playhouse for your children. You can use sections to build a green house, or planters, or even to make a headboard out of. When it comes to reuse, old fashioned wooden doors are very handy.

A little paint will go a long way towards furbishing up a dingy looking door, or towards disguising what it was in the first place. Further one can even add new hardware to the door. Most modern steel doors are built in sections; by dismantling the sections you increase the versatility of the door. If you are a member of an on-line community such a free cycle, consider putting your garage door up for offer on it. Who knows it may get useful for someone!

Finally, if you find yourself in need of a new garage door, but cannot afford one, look for used ones for sale at places like Habitat for Humanity. It is actually possible to buy a used garage door. Such doors should still be in good working condition, only have been replaced because the owner decided to upgrade. It is always beneficial to recycle garage doors as they can be used by other people who may need it or can save you the disposal fee and sometimes can be very useful for someone else.


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What Should You Do With Your Old Garage Door?

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What Should You Do With Your Old Garage Door?

This article was published on 2011/07/11