Various Garage Door Styles and Materials

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Selecting of garage gates is in fact much more difficult than you might have first expected them to be. You'll have to allot clearance space both inside and outside the garage, have to decide whether to keep your garage attached to the home or not and also whether you require just one, or multiple garage gates. Apart from all these choices, you also need to make sure that you have decided on the color, material and style for your garage door.
The four kinds of garage door types most commonly seen are side hung, the roller and sectional doors and then the most popular, up-and-over garage gates.
Sectional and Roller Garage Doors
Sectional and roller garage doors are very interrelated in assessment. These two types of garage door are great for situations where you require a great looking garage door and one that will open in a limited space. Roller and sectional doors both open over head so they require no clearance from the front of your parked car. They do however operate in slightly different ways. A roller gate, as the name suggests, will roll up into a drum situated above the door opening. A sectional door is also stored above your head in the garage and is made of different sections joined together, allowing it to be folded away tightly and into a small space.
The main advantage with sectional doors is that they don't require you to leave any space in front of them so as to open them as they are raised and not swung open. These two types of garage door come in both automatic as well as manual types.
Up And Over And Side-Hinged Garage Gates
if you are the proud owner of a period home, then side hinged doors are the preferred choice that will be in keeping with the look of your home. If you really wish to make your doors blend in with the exterior of your home, the preferred material for this kind of door is of course wood. If you have a period home then modern materials for your garage door will not be fitting.
Side hinged garage doors are generally sold in pairs. You can however off set the middle of your garage door by having one gate larger than the other. One crucial point to remember with these doors is that they always open outwards.
Up and over garage doors on the other hand will adapt to any situation. Available in timber, steel or GRP, they will appear admirable in any design of the garage. This type of door can also be used both automatically or manually.
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Various Garage Door Styles and Materials

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