The Kinds of Garage Doors

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Garage doors help keep our vehicles safe from break-ins and other outside elements that can do damage to our vehicles. There are many different types of garage doors and there are both advantages and disadvantages to each type. In this article, we will differentiate and highlight each garage doors' pros and cons.

The canopy door is indeed the most common type of garage door. The canopy door is the easiest to install, and is commonly made of steel. When the door is in an open position, half the garage door will retract inside of your garage. The other half will stay outside and will act as a canopy, hence the name of the canopy door. Though it may be easy to install, it requires extra space before it can be opened, at least half the total height of the garage door. This makes it not suitable for houses with limited front space, but can be advantageous to those house owners who have extra space.

Another type of garage door is the retractable garage door. Like canopy doors, it is made of steel and has only one section. And like canopy doors, the door is retracted inside the garage when raised. This kind of door is however different from a canopy door as the whole door retracts inside the garage and therefore more space is required. Once more, this kind of door really is not suitable if you only have limited space; you should try a door such as this types.

A sectional door that retracts easily and does not need a lot of space. Sectional doors are easy maintenance and easy to clean as they are made of aluminum or steel. But you need to remember that when you are maintaining your door of this kind, you have several sections that need looking at in turn. If even a single part malfunctions or breaks, you will have a hard time raising the garage door, and it may even need to be repaired.

The last type of garage door is another sectional door called the roller door. This kind of door is made up of even more sections, making it easier to raise the door up. Roller doors however, like sectional doors, can be quite hard to maintain.

When it comes to choosing the correct garage door for your situation, you always need to think about the space you have, both inside as well as outside of your garage. Of course, cost and maintenance should also be factors when choosing one. Make sure that you choose the right garage door for your house.


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The Kinds of Garage Doors

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This article was published on 2011/07/29