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If you are still thinking about roll-top garage doors openers then, you are terribly outdated because those openers are long gone and these days there are more innovative and interactive garage door openers available in the market. These days openers are made in more general notes and designers tend to make openers which can be installed with any kind of door and they should not only provide security to your house but also to your door itself. These openers are very portable type of machineries which can be installed within few hours either by you or by some professional technician. You can have these openers in different designs and styles and from these designs you can choose one for your own need and circumstances.
Commercial and residential door openers are two basic categories of openers.In commercial types there are further types as Slide, Jackshaft, Trolley and Hoist but these names will not tell you the exact story because the drive system is most important thing in any opener and there are three types of drive systems popular these days. Chain drive, screw drive and belt drive are the three types while chain drive and screw drive are more commonly used for commercial purpose.You must check their horse power and motor speed before buying them.The standard opening and closing speed of garage door is 7 inches per second but this can vary according to their weight of your door as well the horse power strength of your motor. Standard speed is more feasible because the weight of your door is heavy and faster speed can create problems.
There are certain a feature which you must have in your modern garage door opening mechanism and one of such features is the availability of online beam. This beam can sense an approaching person or vehicle and maintains its opened position.There is another feature which is called a reverse mechanism and this system is installed with help of some extra sensors and this is basically a safety system for your door. This system makes sure that your heavy garage door will not crush anything on its way because the sensors force it to go in reverse direction upon touching anything solid.You must install this mechanism to ensure safety of your kids and pets.In other mandatory features, you should have force adjustment, emergency release and automatic lights while most of these features are for your own safety and security. Almost every opening system is noisy in nature but belt driven systems are not noisy because rubber belts are used in them to make them silent. So these are some facts about the opening systems of garage doors which you should know before buying them and I hope now you will be able to make the right choice.
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The Garage Door Openers

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This article was published on 2011/08/19