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Sears garage door opener can become a pain in the neck when you search for the market to buy them. You can easily get confused while doing so. In this article I will shed some light on how to choose them.
The perfect sears garage door opener tips

Here you will find 5 simple tips on getting the best sears garage door opener for your residence/commercial purpose.

* Measuring the door height measure the entire area where your sears garage door roller will be installed and not just the door are. Most of the shutter doors available in the market are 7 ft. if your measured height is more than that, you may need to buy some extension from the same company you are buying the shutter door from.

* Opt for a nominal Horse power the two most popular horsepower ranges for the shutter doors are and . A HP is an ideal choice for fiber glass, or aluminum doors to open up a single or a double car wide door.

* If you own another door, like wooden, or steel made, then go for more HP strength. In this case you would need HP openers given the extra strength and weight of the door.

* Opt for the right type of door opener the three mostly used types are chain, screw, and belt drive. Chain driven searsgarage door opener is mostly used nowadays. This type is robust, a bit noisy in nature and long life having different available sizes. Sears has different types suiting your needs, such as home residential, and industrial. These are great and available with added extensions in case your garage door in above 7 ft. in height. The other type is a belt driven searsgarage door opener, which is not an old one in the market. Rather than chain, it uses belt to operate, which is much quieter & faster than the chain driven ones. A bit more expensive, you can use them if you are not a typical 9-5 type of a family and keeps on moving in and out at different times of the day and night. As a result using belt driven door opener would be much more comfortable to use. The fourth type is screw driven, which generates minimal sound as compared to the other two, and yet much more powerful.

Which one of the sears garage door opener to choose?

At the end the choice is really yours, and according to your own needs, you may select the right type of sears garage door opener
Sears Garage Door Opener
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Sears Garage Door Opener

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This article was published on 2010/11/12