Replacing the Garage Door

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Sometimes all your hardware is in good shape, but you may want to replace the actual garage door to change the look of your house. Replacing the garage door is a simple process as it is put together section by section. We have put together a small guide to help you choose the right garage door for you that will fit your needs.

Garages are used for almost everything which makes the space in your garage very valuable. Try and stay away from cheaper door designs like hinged doors that open inwards which take up much of that valued garage space. You can still buy a high quality door but you can save some additional money if you can buy a door that will work with your existing hardware.

Too many people just buy the regular panel garage doors without thinking about the other options out there. Did you know you can use your garage door as another window? What we mean by this you can pick a garage door that has diffused windows in the top panel to let some natural light in the garage. Anyone who has done any shop work in a garage can appreciate extra light. Having some natural light in your garage will save you money in the long run because it will keep your electricity bill down since you won't have to use artificial lights.

The third and most important aspect of buying a new garage door is to make sure it is installed to the manufacturers specifications. Badly installed garage doors are very dangerous for children and can significantly harm others. Most of the time when you buy a garage door it comes with free installation. If the door you bought does not come with free installation, please use the owners manual and install the door according to the precise directions. Test the door several times and watch all moving parts to make sure there is no additional rubbing or resistance.

Also make sure that you buy a door with security features such as remote control locks or keys. Most people leave very valuable items in their garage which would be very financially devastating if they were stolen. Most of the time your door opener motor will contain the features necessary to make sure the door cannot be easily opened from the outside, but extra security features can only help protect you in the long run.

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Replacing the Garage Door

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This article was published on 2010/03/31