Mechanism of Automatic Operation of the Garage Doors

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It is very important to understand the mechanism of the garage door in case you are about to add any gadget to your garage door or planning to replace it. Further an improper knowledge about the mechanism of the garage door is very dangerous as you will not be able to select the proper gadgets for your garage door. Moreover you will not be able to decide which type of garage door is best for your garage. There is no doubt that some people also try to understand the mechanism for the garage doors but still find themselves unable to detect the right method. The inclusion of automatic operators is the major problem and the reason for the complexity of garage doors.

Aesthetically wooden doors are great. However, they are really difficult to be operated because in most of the cases, they cannot work with the automatic systems. These doors are very heavy in weight and thus cannot be operated by some automatic mechanism. Even if they are installed with such automatic system they will need very high power that will cost you much. One of the main reason for not using wooden doors despite of their look and attractiveness is their cost and maintenance.

It is really tough for illiterate people to understand the working of these garage doors. Whereas people with prior knowledge of electronics can understand the procedure easily. By the time you press the open button on the remote control, an electric code in the form of electric signals in sent to the censor located on the front part of the door. As soon as censor receives the signal, it sends a command to the motor shaft. As a result of this command, electric motor starts moving and rotates the belt that is attached with the springs.

The physical movement of the garage door is a result of the motion of springs only. All the remaining operation is electrically handled and has nothing to do with the physical movement of the gate. Another best thing about this electric operation is that the electric code of the gates keeps on changing after regular time intervals and thus it is very difficult for the burglars to prepare remote control matching the frequency of your garage gate thus making it safe and secure.


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Mechanism of Automatic Operation of the Garage Doors

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Mechanism of Automatic Operation of the Garage Doors

This article was published on 2011/07/10