How To Maintain Your Garage Door Parts

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Garage door parts have many things to learn about, as there are lots of garage doors types and manufacturers. For instance, if you look at a sectional door whose panels do not assemble and break down into their own group of parts, how big a task some door repair can be is what you will see. Nuts and bolts and hinges are plenty, let alone all the electrical gadgets of garage door open parts. Narrowing down the specific problem is what is needed so that you know how to find the right garage door parts for your needs.


Nearly all garage doors are overhead doors. Therefore you can start your search with overhead garage door parts. Many of these overhead doors are automatic so that narrows down your search even further. There are only a few makers of door openers so take a look at yours and see who the manufacturer is. Doors wear over time and there will come the day that you have to do some repair yourself. Jobs that require something like Genie garage door parts might be a little daunting but there are many online tutorials that can help you with this kind of work.


Maintaining your door is probably the best if not the only preventative to premature damage. You should give your doors a yearly examination to make sure all the equipment is working properly. Tracks can get bent, springs will wear and hinges may break. All of this needs to be monitored and replaced as needed. Oiling the parts can help and you can also make sure all the bolts are tightened securely so that nothing comes loose. Make a list of any parts you need to replace and then cross that with the parts numbers in your manual.


Basic parts are relatively easy to replace. It's when you get to the springs and the automatic garage door openers where things start to get tricky. You should always have a professional install new torsion springs. This can be a deadly task in the wrong hands. As for the door parts on an automatic door opener, choosing a professional to do the work over doing it yourself depends entirely on your confidence.


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How To Maintain Your Garage Door Parts

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This article was published on 2010/04/02