How to Check Your Garage Door Insulation

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As the garage is on the outside of our home, it is unfortunately often passed by when we are talking about our normal cleaning or maintenance routine. We really should take more time over our garage maintenance, to ensure our garage is in good condition, and properly insulated. Dirt and grime may get into the tracks of the roller systems of garage doors making them hard to open and close and a badly insulated door will cost you hundreds of dollars each year on fuel bills.

That is right, if you take just a little time out to maintain your garage door, you could in fact save yourself a lot of money. Garage doors are often fitted with winter seals to stop excess air escaping and therefore also protecting your vehicle or valuables you have stored in the garage. But if you do not check that the seal is still good on your garage door, then you could literally be throwing money down the drain.

It really is very easy to check that your garage is properly insulated. From inside your garage, with the door shut, you will easily be able to recognise if any air is being lost through cracks, corroded areas or bad sealers. But your hand right up to the garage door and if there are any air gaps present you will feel cold air on your hand. It really is that simple. Now if you find large cracks in your doors, or areas of corrosion that are allowing air to enter, then you have two options. The first is to try and fix the cracks or corroded areas, or secondly, replace the doors. The sad reality is if you had taken more care over treating your garage door against the elements, it would probably not be in the bad state that you now find it.

If the only problem you can find is that the seal is worn, then by simply replacing the seal, you will be fixing the problem at hand. It takes little time to replace the seal on your door, and of course this is a much cheaper option than that of completely replacing the doors. All traces of the old seal and adhesive will need to be removed, and the area correctly prepared and cleaned before introducing the new seal.

There is no point cutting corners here. First, remove the old seal, and totally clean the area until it is grease and grime free. You can purchase special cleaning sprays that will ensure that your working area is sufficiently clean. Once you have prepared the area, apply new adhesive and the carefully cut seal, and press firmly yet carefully into place. Allow to dry before testing the door for ease of opening.


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How to Check Your Garage Door Insulation

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This article was published on 2011/04/23