Garage Door Repairs - Different Types

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Garage door repairs are an important part of being a homeowner. Because of its location as well as purpose, when things go wrong, it becomes a real problem with the way the home looks and how able you are to get into the space. There are several types of problems and solutions that can be addressed with this type of equipment.


Garage door repairs can involve improving the way it looks. With time, the paint may begin to fade or peel and with an accident or two, you may find dents and dings that make things look a little run down. In this case, paint is one of the best tools for the job. Be sure that everything is clean before you begin and try to match the original color as it probably matches the house and the surrounding trim.

While paint will cover some things, it may not work for the dents. In this case, try to pull each one out if possible, pushing from the back side of the door. If this doesn't work, it may be necessary to replace certain panels individually. Call for an estimate of the parts and labor, as this may be a difficult project.


There are numerous parts to look into when it comes to mechanical garage door repairs. If it won't open with the remote control, pull the release cord to remove it from the electric system. If you are able to lift and pull down on the door manually, there is a problem with the electric system. In this case, call an expert to come in and diagnose the problem.

Many times, homeowners have a difficult time moving the door up and down whether manually or on the electric system. In this case, it may be that the rollers need to be oiled to lubricate and make the up and down movement work more smoothly.


In some instances, it will be necessary to replace everything as part of the garage door repairs. While this is the most costly option, at times it can be the only solution available. If this is the case, begin looking into the type of replacement you are interested in. You may want to stick with exactly what you have, change the way things look, or upgrade to a different model. For most homeowners, this is the time to call in an expert for an estimate and evaluation.

Because this is a large project, take time to look around and pick out exactly what you want. Think about what you didn't like about the old system and plan for something new this time. Also, when you call in an expert to help, have them take a look to make sure that replacement is your only option.

When you begin working on garage door repairs, think about how much it will cost, who you can call when you need a professional, and at what point it becomes more practical to replace the system. With these things in mind, take a look outside and get started.

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Garage Door Repairs - Different Types

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This article was published on 2010/08/12