Garage Door Openers: Common Types

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Garages are a common part of middle class houses all over the country. The most important appliance that characterizes every garage is the door opener which is a motorized device that helps us open and close the garage main door by controlling switches in located in the adjoining wall. Invented in 1926 by C. G. Johnson, the mechanism gained popularity in the market shortly after World War II. Consecutive modifications have brought forth the remote controlled and digitally locked mechanisms.

Here is an overview of the different types of openers that you could employ in your garage and their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Door Openers

In stark contrast to the popular belief that the electric motor provides all the lifting power to the opener, the electric door opener operates in a mechanism similar to the lock mechanism. The main lifting power basically comes from counterbalance springs which are under tension and use steel counterbalance cables to lift the garage door. The power unit of the opener is represented by the electric motor that is suitably connected to the header bracket above the garage door. The entire assembly hangs over the door and the switches controlling the unit are usually situated in the side walls of the entry into the garage.

Remote Controlled Openers

This mechanism underwent a lot of modifications in order to overcome the shortcomings that the initial remote controlled technologies presented. From the initial simple transmitter and receiver oriented remotes, to the complicated 300-400 MHz devices used in the present day society, the remote controlled opener system has indeed come a long way. The main reason for the modification in the initial transmitter system was that, as garage openers became more and more common in urban households, opening one's garage often resulted in accidental opening of the neighbor's garage door as the transmitter signals mostly matched.

The most recent modification involves the rolling code technology that is very safe for urban householders as it prevents the copy and replay of recorded code to wrongly open the door thus securing garages against car thefts.

Fixed-code Openers

Fixed-code Door Opener mechanism is aided by remote control DIP switch calculator. This is another modification that has taken the market by storm and is slowly becoming a popular model.

Maintenance of the door opener systems and their repair is not a big deal these days as there are many companies who specifically offer services of installation and repair of garage door openers. Ashburn residents need to only choose the right type of garage opener according to the finances available and the required level of security.

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Garage Door Openers: Common Types

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This article was published on 2011/05/14