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Garage door openers is the most important fact in your garage door system.  today's  world garage is considered an important part of the home without which the house is not considered complete. The garage door consists of two different components, the door itself and the door opener. The article will however deal with the various garage door openers present in the market. A garage door opener is basically a motorized device that opens and closes the garage door by consuming electricity.

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The first electric overhead garage opener was invented by C.G. Johnson in 1926. The basic role of this opener is not to lift up the door or swing it down, that part is done by the counterbalance springs that are under tension to lift the garage door via steel counterbalance cables, however this opener is responsible for controlling that how far the gate it to be opened or closed and it also controls the amount of the force exerted by the garage door. Now-a-days garage door openers also act as a lock. A typical garage door opener consists of a electric motor or a power unit, attached to the track. The arm of the door is attached to a trolley that is attached to the chain which either winds or unwinds when the motor rotates. When a electric motor is installed quick release mechanism is also installed to remove the connection of the chain from the motor, so that it can be operated manually, in case there is some problem with the motor.

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The second type of garage opener is the remote controls, that is, now-a-days garage that can be opened via remotes are also in production. The first remote control to open a garage door was invented by two US inventors at the same time. The first remote openers made use of simple transmitter and receiver, however, that caused some problem, like if the same system was present nearby then the receiver of that system may get activated and that door would open, moreover, this first stage system also offered little security as anyone who possessed the remote would have been able to open a door anywhere,  hence, a second stage remote controller was made which operated on frequencies that is, the door's receiver was configured to respond to a specific frequency, this provided extra security and also solved the problem of opening a wrong door with the remote. The third stage remote openers made use of the frequency spectrum range between 300-400 MHz and the receivers and the transmitters rely on the technology of rolling code, thus increasing security, by preventing the perpetrators from encoding a code and replaying it to open the garage door. The fourth stage remote controllers are the controller used today. They are much similar to the stage 3 remote controllers; however they are limited to the 315 MHz frequency only to avoid interference with the LMRS used by U.S military

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Garage door opener history

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