Different Garage Doors and Openers

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Garage doors differ a lot in material and cost. You are able to purchase everything from wood to steel as well as plastic. Wooden doors are fantastic, heavy and costly (meaning they need much more elaborate openers and support). They also like to have shorter warranties than steel.

Steel garage doors are both economic and dependable. Steel doors are sold in single, double or triple layer. A single panel steel door is thing, light and economical and is suitable for a garage where insulation is not an essential factor. Steel garage doors can also be purchased with wood overlays, which supply the look of wood using the R-value and lighter weight of a steel door.

Memorize that you are going to want an insulated door if you live in a colder region. A garage door covers a large amount of wall space of your property and if you use a cheap and non insulated door then you'll be throwing away cash with fuel bills. In these conditions, a double or triple layer steel door with foam insulation is perfect. Look for a grange door with core that is foamed in polyurethane rather than injected polystyrene. Great garage doors give you an R value of 8 to 11.

Don't forget that a 24 gauge steel garage door will come with a ten year warranty. Also do not disregard the option of roller doors. Roller doors are a sensible and space saving choice.

Garage door openers are obtainable with chain; computer controlled direct drive electric motors that lift the door up, jack shaft, and screw. Motors that use a chain are the most generally purchased. The belts are quieter than chains and are priced nearly identically to the chain drive units. Another type available that is a bit more expensive is the screw driver mechanism. Jacks haft mechanisms are great for space saving situations as the door opens to the side. Computer controlled mechanisms are a fairly recent development that mounts the opener on the wall above the door, saving space with a compact unit that mounts nearly flush to the wall. With these completely automatic systems, no chains or belts are required to open the garage doors. Garage door openers will have an infrared sensor at the bottom of the door. If that beam is crossed while the door is closing, it will automatically reverse and open. Also, most of the openers on the market use a technology that modifications the code each time you use the opener to prevent thieves from stealing your code.



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Different Garage Doors and Openers

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This article was published on 2011/05/09