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Garages as the name implies are included in house designs for the sole purpose of protecting the vehicles from the elements. However, these days garages serve other purposes; hence greater care is taken in their design. Other than outright knockdown or renovations, the other change that can be carried out in a garage is redesigning its doors. This has become imperative as a fashionable garage door adds beauty and value to the building.

Having said that, it is not easy in deciding the perfect door for your garage, unless you have an eye for aesthetics. Before deciding on the design, first the material used for the door should be considered. Originally, garage doors were made of wood, but due to inadequacies of wood to withstand the elements, now it is being made with steel and other materials. Different kinds of steel materials are obtainable today such as Primed, which means the buyer adds the finishing paints to achieve a perfect finish; other steel doors come with Plastisol coating and are built to last for over 10 years. Steel doors have the added advantage of being cheap when compared to other materials and can really last against the elements.

Other materials are Timber or Wood. Doors made from wood have to be maintained according to the instructions of the manufacturer if it is desired to last. Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is another material and a better alternative to wood, and does not require maintenance. On the other hand, ABS doors are state of the art materials and uses modern materials which are light in weight and long lasting. Just like the GRP, the ABS materials are maintenance free. ABS is also the materials used in making sturdy suitcases.

However, in terms of design, garage door comes in 4 popular designs, such as Side Hinge doors, Roller doors, sectional doors, and retractable and canopy doors. Side Hinge door were originally the popular design but has long fallen into disuse. It usually comes in 2 or 4 leaves. Though some house owners still prefer this design. But the materials are mainly in wood or timber finish. Roller Doors where once popular, but are also generally no longer in use or fashionable these days. The main advantage of this type of door is saving of space as the door is completely rolled up when open. Roller doors initially were manual, but today, the are automated with a motor and can be operated by anyone, including the elderly and invalid.

Sectional Garage Door is one of the current raves in garage doors today, it saves space and is available in many designs. Sectional doors can be fixed to any garage, hence its wide acceptability. Up-Over garage doors are also in vogue, and available in all materials. This kind of door opens on the garage. Depending on the garage, it may open fully or half way. Vehicles such as big SUV's might it difficult to park in a garage with Up-Over garage door. No matter the design chosen, the important thing it serves its purpose of beauty, aesthetic, utility, and also adding value to the home.


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Different Design of Garage Door

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This article was published on 2011/04/11