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A craftsman garage door opener is an electronic motorized unit works to close & open the garage roller doors manufactured by a famous & home improvement American brand Craftsman. There are two types of door openers, one is the remote controlled version used to open & close from a distance, especially vehicles. The other version has a switchboard mounted on the wall and requires no remote to open or close the door.
The history of craftsman garage door opener and some useful facts

The garage door opener was invented in 1926 in the Hartford City, Indiana. The original electric door openers were against the fact that they provided the actual power required to close & open the doors. The power gets generated using the torsion springs causing tension to lift the door and close it.

The classic electrical garage door opener comprises of an electrical power unit system, which is attached to the track which is further mounted with the built in trolley. Chain, screw or belt is used in order to provide smooth flow to open up and close the door. There is an instant release system attached with the door opener that can be released in case of power outrage. This way you would be able to manually open & close the door too. The entire door opening unit gets mounted on the top of the door.
The all new multi-purpose Craftsman garage door opener & its features

The Craftsman garage door opener with a 3/4 horse power Chain Drive is a preferred and high quality choice in brilliant strength and speed. This door opener is backed up with extra 50% strength & 25% speed more than the typical old ½ horse power chain drive garage door opener & comprises of 2 Security 3 button remote controls, a wireless entry pad, & a motion detecting sensor. It has a number of exciting features as follows:

* Rough chain drive for even, smooth & reliable opening & closing of the door

* 25% much quieter and faster than the previous versions

* Anti-burglary alarm system

* Key less entry that does not require any key or remote to enter your house

* The high class & sophisticated motion detecting sensor turning on the lights whenever you enter the home.

* Easily compatible and programmable with the Homelink system & remote control for excellent operation from your vehicles.

Given such a prestigious brand image and reputation for providing quality products, Craftsman garage door opener is an ideal and perfect choice for all of your door opening & closing needsCraftsman Garage Door Opener

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Craftsman Garage Door Opener

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