Choosing Between Replacing or Repairing Your Garage Door

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A garage door is a very important addition to any home as it protects the contents of the garage and at the same time provides insulation to the entire home. It is therefore important for the door to be in a good working condition for you to benefit from its functionality. Homeowners are usually faced with a dilemma as to whether to replace a garage door or make repairs to it. Even though an older home might do well with a new garage door, sometimes the problem can easily be fixed by undertaking few repairs. It is therefore important to ascertain the type of problem and whether it can be solved by repairing it or replacing the entire door.

There are problems that can easily be corrected by carrying out a simple repair job. If the door is not moving and gets stuck on the track; the solution to this will be to oil it or figure out the cause of the problem. Even though the problem can easily be fixed, you need to use the services of a professional to effectively rectify the situation. The repair jobs simply involve examining the track brackets and making sure they are not loose. It can also involve examining any dents in the track, which might be responsible for the garage door not working. The problem can easily be rectified by making sure the track is free from dust or grease. Tightening of the bracket bolts can also solve the problem.

Replacing or tightening hinges that hold the door panels should provide the necessary fix to the problem. If these problems are taken care of in time, you will not need to worry about replacing the entire door. However, if the dents are large and the damage to the door's tracks is widespread, then you need to consider replacing the door. Moreover, if you have a wooden door that has big cracks or has started rotting, you should consider replacing the entire door in order to maintain the attractiveness of your garage and to secure your properties.

The benefit of replacing the door is that you have a wide range of alternative doors to choose from. You can choose any door depending on the size, style and material you want. In fact, by choosing to replace the door you can have a custom design made that fits your preference and that will add value to your home. Replacing a door will also make it more energy efficient as it will properly insulate the home, thus reducing your energy costs. Garage door replacement is an option that homeowners with old garage doors need to consider. There are many companies who specialize in replacing doors and will provide this service at affordable cost.

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Choosing Between Replacing or Repairing Your Garage Door

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This article was published on 2011/04/05