Building Stable-Style Garage Doors

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Doors are important features in a house; they increase the visual value of the house. There a lot of options when we require installing a door; some of which are quite expensive. It is possible for you to cut cost and at the same time build a stable styled garage door for yourself. Aside from the Stable style garage doors there also is the single door garage door. If you want to build a stable style garage door for yourself, you can follow the instruction below.

Step one

You will have to take the measurement of the doors you have in mind. To install a new door, if you have old you plan to change, you can take the measurement of the old one. You should ensure that the measurement is taken with care to avoid any form of error. The measurement will help you to determine exactly what you require to build your own stable style door.

Step two

There are a good number of designs to be considered in among the stable styled garage; make you choice of design. The design will affect the colour that you will use, it will also affect the texture and the materials that will be used. There are a couple on companies that offer this service; they will offer you a couple of designs for you to choose from.

Step three

Having known the materials you require, you can make the frames and begin the building of the stable style door. You should keep in mind that you will be required to treat the wood that you will be using. This will prevent the woods from being affected by the harsh weather. There is no specific wood that is needed for making the frames for the Stable style doors. All you need is get the wood, treat it and cut the panel.

Step four

Having cut the panels, proceed to making groves that the panels will have to be slipped into. Prior to fitting the panel into the grooves, apply wood glue around the edges. If you require any hardware to help achieve this, all you need do is first make a list and then proceed to the hardware store to pick what you need.

Step five

Finally you can add some innovation into you ready stable Style garage door by installing motorized mechanism to the door. You can find these motorized mechanisms at the local stores or check for it on the internet.

Following the five steps above, you will have a Stable Style Garage door built and installed at very minimal cost.


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Building Stable-Style Garage Doors

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This article was published on 2011/04/12