Benefits Of Diy Garage Door Installation

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As you are probably aware, there are a whole variety of garage door on the market. They differ by mechanism (up-and-over, roller garage doors, sectional garage doors, side-hinged, round the corner and front entrance), material (steel, timber, GRP, UPVC, iron, fibreglass and aluminium), brand (Hormann, Garador, Carteck, Wessex, Cardale to name a few) as well as size. Once you have chosen the style, the material, the brand and the required size it then comes the time to install it. Often people scowl at the thought of installing the garage door themselves but the fact is its very simple and a worthwhile project to do if you can!

The chances are if you are embarking on installing the door yourself, you are looking to save money. Garage door installation services can vary but they can cost anything up to 30% of the door price. Also, the fact that you have purchased the garage door without any kind of installation service you can be sure you have already saved a lot of money. Usually the only catch is you have to be home for when it is to be delivered. Asking the boss nicely for a morning or afternoon off can usually be sorted in one way or another.

The area around the garage door opening and inside the garage should be cleared and free of obstructions prior to commencing any installation. Often there is no alternative access to the garage making a second person even more important. All initial fixing should be done from inside the garage so ensure your tools, fittings and ladder are within the garage space before the installation is started.

Within the box and packaging of the garage door, the manufacturer will usually (or at least should) include any kind of installation instructions. As opposed to flat-pack furniture, the instructions are usually pretty good and should be enough for a moderately competent DIY-er. If not, go to the manufacturers website and download the technical installation brochure. Certainly do not try to install any equipment without reading the paperwork first.

Remember, If leaving the working door area (example: outside) before the installation is complete, make sure the door is securely propped or fastened in place so it is unable to fall. In a small and windy area this is of particular importance.

Once installed your garage door can easily be fitted with an electric remote control opener. Thankfully these are even easier to install.

I really hope this helps and all the best with your garage door installation :) oh and remember, if you get stuck there are plenty of videos online helping you with installation. Good Luck!
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Benefits Of Diy Garage Door Installation

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This article was published on 2010/12/13